ShiroJudoKwai - School of Judo

IJF Qualified Instructor
IJF Qualified Club Manager

1,2,3....Judo!! (4y to 5y)

Your little angels need to let off steam while controlling the range of their strength, judo is for them. Accompanied by our teachers, your children will learn the ancestral art of judo: the ippons and other waza-ari will have no secrets for them!

From the most timid to the most extrovert, to the one who does not stay in place, thanks to baby judo, the child apprehends the discipline in a way that is both playful and rigorous. The sessions start with the Judo Salute, to capture the attention of all. Then the children warm up through different small group games where they have to run, stop, listen to a signal and follow instructions. Then come more targeted learning such as the control of falls forward, backward or sideways, in order to no longer have the apprehension of falling, and especially not to hurt themselves in case of a fall ( which is useful also in everyday life). They also tackle some catches, learn to develop their balance, to cooperate, to accept the contact with the other and to know their body diagram . The baby-judo classes bring together  4years and 5years old to also discover the rules of life called "moral code" of judo such as honesty, candor, courage, or the spirit of justice. They also learn about caring and solidarity through exercises. The baby-judo asks the child for reflection, a rigor of learning and a spirit of anticipation. The child accepts the balance of power and deploys his own wisely. He assures himself, but also discovers humility. The idea of ​​judo is to have a healthy mind in a healthy body.