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Recent Events

Shirojudokwai participated in the Malta Judo Nationals with 4 Athletes - Leonor Castillo, Sophie Knobel, Daniel Lawrence Spiteri and Lara Castillo. Lara played n both the Junior and Senior -52Kgs. Leonor and Sophie played in the -40Kg espoirs.  For Sophie this was her first competitions. Daniel Lawrence fought in the espors -60kgs.  All Athletes fought well showing fighting spirit and technical performance.  Between them they got 2 Gold (Lara and Leonor) and 3 Silver (Sophie, Lara and Daniel Lawrence).

The Nationals was preceded by the Dragons event were almost 100 young judokas participated in showing judo skills.  Our Dojo was represented by Antonio and Giuliana , Max and Stella , Magdeline, Xavier, Wenvurth, Kieran, Elli, Ayana, Aiden, and Nathan. These  young dragons were impressive.  Well done to all and the parents who ensures that judokas attend regularly. 


Well done to our Judokas who passed their judo grading. The senior school now has two brown belts, 4 green belts, 1 orange belt, i yellow / orange, 2 yellow and 1 white.  

Yet another Positive result.  Four judokas from our school participated in the international judo competition as part of the Bullying vs Judo Workshop.  Our Judokas placed one silver and two bronze medals.  Well done.


Shirojudokwai won 4 medals from 5 participants at the #BEACTIVE Judo Tournamnet held on 3rd August 2018 at Ghadira Bay, Mellieha.  1st Place for Andreas (-66kg Seniors), Lara (-52Kg Seniors) and Daniel Lawrence (-60 Espoirs). 2nd place for Leonor (36Kg) who had to play with the boys as she was uncontested in her category.  Valeron Mifsud participated and is showing considerable improvements.  Our school was also represented by Elvin Cassar as referee and Angela Castillo as score officer.  Well done everyone.


Our school successfully participated in the training camp with Denis Braigotti at the MJA Dojo in Pembroke


2nd place for Andreas Castillo (-66kg Senior M) and Leonor Castillo (-40Kg Espoirs F) during the 1st July Shiai.  Also well done to Angela for her now 2nd debut as table official and Elvin Cassar for his excellent debut as referee.  Our school was also represented by two other Judokas (Daniel and Valeron).  The event was followed by a BBQ with the Serbian Judo Team from Zrenjanin.  Our schools would like to thank the MJF for organizing this event and the training camp with the Serbian team.


Gold medal for Joseph Castillo during the 39th World Medical and Health Games held in Malta.


Three Judokas (Leonor, Daniel and Andreas) from our school participated in the 1st of May Randori Tournament.  The aim of this tournament is for Judokas to compete in Randoris (as opposed to Shiais) and introduce new strategies to their game plan.  Our judokas took this opportunity to focus more on grips rather than tachiwaza. One of our members (Elvin) also had his first debut as a referee.

The event was followed by a BBQ.  Our Dojo would like to thank MJF for the organization of the event.


The school also participated in the 34th Malta Open in March with same 5 contestants this time winning two gold, and two bronze.


In the international scene our school participated in the 8th of March Judo competitions held in Zrenjanin, Serbia placing third in the -52Kgs Espoirs.  Two other contestants participated in this competition and did very well.


On the 28th January 2018 our Dojo participated in the Caruana Cup winning 1 x gold medal, 3 x silver medal, 1 x bronze


Our dojo took part in the National Championships held in November 2017 where we competed with 5 contestants winning  one silver and one bronze.

MJF events - 2018

18th May - Citta Murata competitions in Italy

20th June - 39th International Medical and Health Games. Judo Competitions at Pembroke.

22nd June - Olympic Day. Parents  and Children Fun day at Pembroke. Session starts at 6:00pm.

27th June to 4th July - Training camp with Serbian Team from Zrenjanin.  Members 12 years plus are encouraged to attend all sessions.

Sunday 1st July - Shiai Competitions.

13th - 19th July - training camp with Denis Braidotti

3rd August - SHIAI TOURNAMENT on the Beach at GHADIRA.

25th August to 2nd September - Black Belt grading, IJF practical course

3rd to 10th September - Sports against bullying project

8th September - International Competition 'Bullying vs Judo'

13th October - National Grading (all belts to brown)

28th October - World Judo Day

9th December - National Championships


What kit do I need to buy before I start?
You will need to buy a Judogi eventually, but for your first visit, simply wear some loose fitting trousers, such as tracksuit trousers. 

For young children a karate suit is adequate, but for grown up children and adults a judogi is mandatory.

Will Judo make me stronger?
Judo is focused on technique rather than strength, however the physical training will make you feel stronger and physically fit.

Am I going to be hit or kicked?
Judo is not a sport where we hit our opponent.

Do I need to be fit to start Judo?
The sessions and instructions are tailored with the individual's fitness in mind. By time you will get fitter the more you practice.

Can Judo be used as self defense?

Judo teaches you effective throws, holds, strangles and armlocks. All of which can be applied in “real” fights.

The real strength of judo in a self defence aspect is the live training. You train in a way where you are trying to physically overcome people who are trying to do the same to you. The coordination and spatial awareness  judo players develop in their sport is both acute and applicable to self defense.  

Every session will include this sort of training.